"Keneged arbah banim dibra HaTorah", the Torah enjoins us to make the Passover experience come alive to all four children.  The number four is code for as many different styles of teaching as there are children and really as there are participants around our table of all ages.  The Seder itself is a multi-sensory experience featuring an exotic variety of foods, customs, oddities, drama, sadness, exultation and the "performance art" is a magical non-stop thrill ride full of twists and turns designed to stimulate interest and provoke conversation. We wash but don't eat, we invite the poor into our homes-but we have already started our Seder, we hide the matzoh so our children will search for it, we open a door and pour wine for a ghost, and we place our youngest front and center as the stars of the show.

 So remember the Hagadah is not the 10 Commandments etched in stone.  It is a guide-book, a jazz libretto to improvise.  The experience should be traditional in order to capture the fundamentals of the ritual, but it should not be frozen.  Keep the excitement, passion and humor flowing.  Dress like Pharaoh or Miriam, use props, reminisce on great Passovers of your family's past, and remember loved ones no longer with you.  Tell their stories and add your own.  Discuss slavery and freedom in the context of today.  Jonathan Pollard, gender inequality in the workplace, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, the possibilities are limitless.


If you have a little girl at your Seder, then perhaps one of these "Let It Go" parodies will excite and teach...


For the sublime satisfaction that comes with finally completing the seemingly endless back-breaking preparation of kashering our homes, I offer this video for your perusal   

And as we await Elijah, lifting our glasses to toast "leshana habaah b'Yerushalayim" Next Year in Jerusalem, next year in freedom and renewal, the catchy and mystical chords are captured in this lovely video  

so my advice to you for your Seder night is experiment, excite, innovate, preserve the sacred rituals and in the words of Disney's Frozen, "Let It Go", with your imagination and creativity.


Share your Seder experiences with me, and from my home to yours, Chag Kasher VeSameach, a Ziessen Pesach,