Religious School

Woodbury Jewish Center’s Religious School is dedicated to making every child feel good about themselves as Jews and as young adults. Starting in Kindergarten and throughout their years with us, students learn to appreciate Jewish history, heritage, holidays and, most of all, the values of chesed (helping others) and tikkum olam (healing the world). 

Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes meet on Sunday mornings. Alef (3rd grade) through Daled (6th grade) classes meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Our Hey students (7th grade) meet on Wednesday afternoons, along with scheduled private Bar/Bat lesson with the Cantor.

Students who complete our program have the ability to fully participate in all synagogue services and events. They understand the meaning the and rituals of holiday celebrations and life cycle events in the home. They feel comfortable with a deeper involvement in synagogue life and are proud of their Jewish roots.


Jewish holidays are observed by every grade with a variety of programs and activities. Our Kindergarten, First and Second grade students enjoy holiday FunShops of crafts, food and fun. Older children are treated to visiting workshops to make menorahs, shofars and hand-made matzah.

Off-Site Learning

Our students visit Jewish and Holocaust museums, volunteer at a food pantry, entertain at a Jewish assisted living facility and participate in WJC’s Community Tashlich at the beach in Oyster Bay. Each student in our Daled Class (6th grade) also selects a mitzvah project of their own to complete by the the end of the school year.

Learning to Read Hebrew

It is never too early to begin learning Hebrew. While we begin letter recognition as early as Kindergarten, Hebrew language instruction formally begins in the Alef year (3rd Grade) and continues until the last year of school, which is the Hey grade (seventh grade). Students that struggle will receive extra help and support.

In addition to classroom instruction by our fine teaching staff, we have a dedicated Cantor who provides tefillah (prayer) instruction to all of our students. Our weekly Family Shabbat Service teaches important synagogue worship skills not learned in the classroom.

As students approach their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, they receive private lessons and support from the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Committee.  For more information about our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program, please click here.

High School and Confirmation

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the not the end of your child’s Jewish education. Our High School classes, for grades 8-11, meet with Rabbi Fruithandler twice each month and are intended to bolster your child’s confidence with lessons in leadership skills from a Jewish perspective. If your child continues taking classes through tenth grade, he or she will be treated to a wonderful Confirmation ceremony and celebration.

Contact Us for More Information

Our school has so much to offer. We encourage you to come for a visit and see the energy and excitement that fills our halls during school hours. Contact the school office at 516-496-9100 x101 or email


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